Printable Bridal Shower Decorations {10 Page Set}

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Bridal Shower Printables

If you are looking for affordable ways to decorate your bridal shower, use these cute printables. 

All you need are a couple of frames in your bridal shower theme colour and you are good to go. 

I have also included 4-5 bridal shower printable games that you can simply print and hand out on the day. 

Your girls will have fun. 

The Printable Bridal Show Pack includes:

  • 4 Games (“What’s In Your Bag?” Bridal Shower Game Printable, Bridal Shower Bingo Game, How Old Was the bride-to-be when and Don't say the word Wedding!
  • Date jar bridal shower activity 
  • Favors for bridal shower printable signs
  • Printable candy buffet signs

And so much more. 

What You Will Get:

  • 10 JPEG Images
  • 1 PDF with everything (10 pages)
  • 8 x 10 size signs

Print the whole Printable Bridal Shower Decoration pack for your day or event. 

This is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers provides added convenience and versatility. 

Save and print on stock or regular A4 paper and adjust setting according (8 x 10).

***When Printing, go to page setup - under page sizing and handling select ACTUAL SIZE and nothing else. This should set it to the size the document was created in. 

Under Pages to Print - Pick which page number (or document) you want to print.

Under Orientation - have set to auto. 

Put your stock paper in, print and trim (or cut) extras


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