Compliment Your Partner Printable Work Sheet {6 pages}

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Wedding planning can get hard and in some cases, can be very challenging. It is important to stay positive during the planning. 

And having a boyfriend, husband or significant others also has challenging aspects to it. Print this free compliments page to brighten up your partner's day right now. 

You can also use these positive affirmations at home to encourage yourself and your family. 

In a world with social media negativity and almost constant bad news, this “take a compliment” printable is a terrific way to make someone smile.

I sent a text message to my hubby with something cute and he was instantly happy. 

Cut these little notes and give them to someone that needs it. 



Compliment Your Partner Printable Work Sheet - Printing tips

This is a DIGITAL product that includes 12 sheets (print the sheet that resonates with you by choosing the page number on your printer setting - or simply print them all)!

I included blank sheets so you can come with your own compliments. 

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).